I Have an Idea. Is There an App for That?

Dear developers, you know what would be really cool?

When you’re writing a tweet, an app should suggest hashtags for you based on the subject of your tweet, your location and the peccadilloes of your followers. Hear me out.

Hashtag suggestion tool, an idea for developers.
Hashtag suggestion tool, an idea for developers.

So here’s how it works:

I write a tweet about my bell pepper plants, which are of course magnificent. The app pops up and suggests hashtags I might want to use.

The app pops up with hashtag suggestions.
The app pops up with hashtag suggestions.

Perhaps it even gives me the hashtag #SFgreenlife because it knows I am in northern California and I’m talking about environmental action.

I just click on those I want and they go at the end of the tweet. Obviously, Twitter is only one network – I think Instagram and Pinterest users would adore this.

The good news is, the hashtag map may already exist. Services like Hashtagify.me have hashtag maps that could form the basis for the engine.

Tools like Hashtagify.me already has hashtag relationship maps.
Tools like Hashtagify.me already have hashtag relationship maps.

2019 update: There is an app for that, kinda. LinkedIn now suggests hashtags based on the keywords in your post, but they’re fairly generic. For Instagram and Twitter, there are now a plethora of third-party tools, of varying quality and I am yet to find one that works inside the composer itself.